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We recommend our customer to come over our store for the products we're selling.
Why come over?
- You'll see the quality of the products yourself.

- Try out our clothes instead of buying it in a very cheap price but you don't wear it at the end because of the cutting or design (too tight/ loose/ product doesn't look like what you expected)

- Extra discount/ promotion for walk-in customers.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

2nd Batch!

Product code: CWT- 2012
Short Tank Top- 15% Off!

Colour Available: Grey

Size: Free size

RM 48



Product code: CWT- 2011
Tie-waist Dress/ Ribbon on collar- 15% Off!

Colour Available: Peachpuff, Black, Turquoiseblue

Size: Free size

RM 76

Lightsalmon Pink


Product code: CWT- 2009
Sexy Lips Top (Lace & Chiffon)- 15% Off!

Colour Available: Black, Lightsalmon Pink, Eggshell White

Size: Free size 

RM 52

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