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We recommend our customer to come over our store for the products we're selling.
Why come over?
- You'll see the quality of the products yourself.

- Try out our clothes instead of buying it in a very cheap price but you don't wear it at the end because of the cutting or design (too tight/ loose/ product doesn't look like what you expected)

- Extra discount/ promotion for walk-in customers.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Jun Collection. 2nd batch.

Second batch garment's pictures is up!
All limited pieces only, order fast and we'll reserve it for you.

For further information please drop us an email. (

Product code: CWD- 1012
Chiffon Sleeves fitted dress

Colour available: Eggshell beige (SOLD OUT), Black (SOLD OUT)

Size: Free size (Fits UK4- UK8)

RM 85

Product code: CWD- 1018
Leopard print bandage dress- 15% Off!

Colour available: Only one colour (last piece)

Size: Free size 

RM 94

Product code: CWD- 1003
Bandage fitted dress (very fitting)- 15% Off!

Colour available: Black (SOLDOUT), White

Size: Free size (Fits S & M size)

RM 85

Product code: CWT- 2002
Special cutting sleeveless top- 15% Off!

Colour available: Light pink, Orchid purple

Size: Free size (Fits UK4- UK12)

RM 55

Product code: CWT- 2006
Polka chiffon top- 20% Off!

Colour available: Pale green (SOLD OUT), Sienna chocolate

Size: Free size (Fits UK4- UK10)

RM 49

Product code: CWD- 1013
Navy A-line dress- 15% Off!

Colour available: Navy blue

Size: Free size (Fits UK4- UK10)

RM 85

Product code: Polka fitted dress

Colour available: White (SOLD OUT), Navy blue (SOLD OUT)

Size: Free size (Fits UK4- UK10, very stretchable) 

RM 75


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