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- You'll see the quality of the products yourself.

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- Extra discount/ promotion for walk-in customers.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

June Collections

The latest June Collection is up now.
Our stock stock very limited, love it then grab it fast!
You only have to fill in an simple order form and we'll reserve it for you! 

(Click on the image to enlarge it)

Product code: CWD- 1004 
DeepV fitted dress 

Colour available: Slate grey (SOLD OUT), Black (SOLD OUT) 

Size: Free size (Fits UK4- UK8) 

RM 85

Product code: CWT- 2004 
H&M (Hong Kong) sequins with flowers- 15% Off!

Colour available: Light golden rod yellow

Size: Fee Size (stretchable) 

RM 66

Product code: CWT- 2001
Bare back fitted top- 15% Off!

Colour available: Hot pink, Black

Size: Free size (very stretchable, it fits UK4- UK 12)

RM 55

Product code: CWT- 2003
Layered chiffon top

Colour available: Burly wood brown (SOLD), Navy blue (SOLD)

Size: Free size (Fits UK4- big UK8)

RM 50

Product code: CWD- 1011
Sweet chiffon polka dress- 30% Off!

Colour available: Only light pink (the one in the picture)

Size: Free size (Fits UK4- UK8)

RM 88

Product code: CWD- 1005
Body fitted dress- 30% Off!

Colour available: Cornsilk beige, Pale violet red, Black

Size: Free Size (Fits UK4- UK10) very stretchable material

RM 77 

Product code: CWD- 1014
Satin with chiffon ruffles dress

Colour available: Papaya whip matches black (only one as the picture shows)

Size: Free size (Fits UK4- UK8)

RM 42

Product code: CWD- 1010
Lacy dress with chiffon flower- 20% Off!

Colour available: Seashell white with misty rose pink

Size: M size (Fits UK4- small UK8)

RM 70

There's more to come, so stay tune!! 
By the way,
 anyone interested to check out the clothes in store feel free to drop by ¤ BL Beauty Slimming & Yoga Specialist¤.
Address:  10A, Jalan Cerdik, Taman Connaught, Cheras, 56000 Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.  [Just above KK super mart]

We providing customer a place to check out the quality of our product! It's not something like other places you can get. Try it and you'll know it. 

And thanks for all the friends that supporting CADWEAR! =]

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